We define ourselves as an innovative company in this sector. We research and develop hygienic solutions for sportsmen and women, and self-starter people.

Pioneers in Europe with our product, the wet and dry wipes UGLUP offers an easy and comfortable solution for personal cleanness.

Our wipes are a comfortable and convenient solution to use anywhere anytime you want.

UGLUP, the first one clean the second dries.


Comfortable for use it and easy to carry, they are the perfect option for active people who needs to feel fresh or protect from sun anywhere.

Our single dose form, allowed the individual use of the product that helps our wipes to be maintained in optimum condition of cold and dump as the first day for a long time.


You can buy our UGLUP wipes in PACKS or KITS, please consult our products here.

In UGLUP, we continue working to develop new innovative products

Please ask our distributors to find our products in your department or city, here.

We would like to know your opinion about our products, your ideas and questions.

Please contact our commercial team at  info@uglup.com

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